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About Us

John Muir Charter School Mission Statement

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John Muir Charter School Mission Statement


The mission of John Muir Charter School is to meet the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of our diverse student population in safe and nurturing environments that foster personal, professional, and academic growth.

John Muir Charter School Vision

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John Muir Charter School Vision

The vision of John Muir Charter School is for students to gain the skills to achieve lifelong, sustainable employment and become proactive members of their communities through collaboration with our partner agencies and relevant, rigorous instruction toward a high school diploma, and college and career readiness.

John Muir Charter School Values

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John Muir Charter School Values

 Empathy, Integrity, Empowerment, Innovation, Respect, Partnership, and Scholarship

John Muir Charter School is a non-profit public-benefit corporation with a charter granted in 1998 by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools.

JMCS exclusively serves participants in the programs of the:

   Certified Community Conservation Corps. CALCC California Association of Local Conservation Corps WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

 YouthBuild U.S.A. Rebuilding our communities and our lives.  

Participants in these local, state and federal programs have the opportunity to expand their education while doing exciting and valuable service work for the community.

If the program participants do not yet have their high school diplomas, they are required by law to attend high school while in the program. John Muir Charter School provides that high school education in a unique program, suited to participants who have not flourished in a traditional high school setting. John Muir is an integral component of the program, providing small classes and a family-like atmosphere that teaches life, job and leadership skills in a hands-on way that leads to success.

Participants bring the strong work ethic forged in the field into the Muir classroom, where they work with credentialed teachers on coursework tailored to their individual needs. Muir uses state-of-the-art computer assessments that provide detailed academic diagnostics on each student, to encourage individual success.



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