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Full-time Math/Science Teacher - San Fernando Valley YouthBuild, Pacoima
Opportunity to inspire the love of learning to students who
the traditional education system did not work for.
The Math/Science Teacher is employed by John Muir Charter School and is responsible for classroom instruction of youth participating in the San Fernando Valley YouthBuild Program. San Fernando Valley YouthBuild combines hands-on work experience, job training, academic instruction, and individual and community development for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24, most of whom have had significant breaks in their high school education.  The teacher would work closely with the YouthBuild staff team to integrate each of these components into the classroom.  

The teacher will be responsible for assisting students in the YouthBuild program to complete their secondary education, and to provide necessary support services to enable participants to be successful. The teacher will assist with enrolling and assessing students to determine the proper course of study that will lead to a high school diploma and prepare them for successful continuation to post secondary education.  The teacher reports to the San Fernando Valley YouthBuild Program Director and Lead John Muir Charter School teacher on site.
Teacher Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Develop and maintain individualized learning goals for all students.
  • Develop plans to provide well-rounded individualized and group instruction as appropriate.
  • Instruction of students across all levels of mathematics and some science courses
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the classroom management standards, consistent with the program discipline policies.
  • Enroll students into appropriate courses in PowerSchool and track coursework attendance weekly.
  • Act as on-site liaison between Muir and San Fernando Valley YouthBuild staff.
  • Work and coordinate with other staff to incorporate practical academic learning experiences related to life skills, leadership, vocational training and other appropriate subjects.
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans, with an emphasis on math remediation as well as project based learning.
  • Identify and use appropriate tools to assess, document and report student periodic and final progress.
  • Utilize a variety of appropriate instructional methods to address different learning styles.
  • Assess student need for and provide special tutoring as necessary.
  • Assist in identification of outside resources related to education.
  • Identify and provide opportunities in the classroom for students to demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Weekly meetings to discuss student progress and programmatic issues.
  • Inform YouthBuild staff as appropriate of student issues that affect student progress.
  • Maintain student grades and grade book.  Provide updates to YouthBuild staff regularly.
  • Monitor and maintain student compliance with program requirements.
  • Monitor and maintain member progress in the attainment of the GED and High School Diploma.
  • Enter final trimester grades for all students.
  • Monitor and assist with student completion of their Senior Portfolio
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

The teacher will complete all necessary paper work as required by Muir administration, as well as any paper work requested by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS). (The NCSOS approved and oversees the John Muir Charter School and provides Muir with administrative support.)

  • Demonstrated ability to engage disenfranchised young people from "at risk" conditions in meaningful, interesting and creative learning experiences
  • Demonstrated knowledge in developing class and individual learning plans for trainees.
  • Dedication to the basic philosophy of emphasizing the core curriculum and commitment to the vision, mission, core values and philosophy of San Fernando Valley YouthBuild.
  • Be able to integrate leadership development in the classroom and empower youth through knowledge, literacy and numeracy
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Bachelor's degree in Education or any related field
  • California teaching credential is required. Single Subject Credential in Math or Science preferred or Multiple Subjects Credential.
$46,000 - $52,000 (to be determined based upon experience and qualifications). Medical, dental, and vision benefits are provided. This is a full-time position of 40 hours per week.  This is a non-traditional year-round school setting and will include some work hours and work days not found on traditional school calendars.
To Apply for this Position:
Please email a letter of introduction, resume, 2 letters of reference, and a copy of any held credentials to: Cathy Akana, Administrative Director,

Application Deadline:  August 9, 2013
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