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Fortuna CCC

Fortuna CCC
1500 Alamar Way
Fortuna, CA 95540
Tel: (707) 725-5106  
Fax: (707) 725-1748
John Muir Staff

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 Pete Loetterle
Lead Teacher


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The young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California's environment and responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.


"Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions... and more!"

John Muir Charter School at the Fortuna CCC offers corpsmembers an educational program that makes a positive impact in the lives of our students, as well as the community.
The core of our CCC Fortuna program consists of the relationships we develop and sustain with students over time. We understand that our students are taking a huge step in committing themselves to a youth development program, of which we are a part, and we seek to essentially build a school experience, for and with them, that honors such commitment. We provide our students with one-to-one attention in a small, intimate classroom space. The attention involves instruction across content areas, mentoring and career guidance for life after graduation and the CCC. Our teachers are knowledgeable in all subjects, with a special emphasis on mathematics. More than this, however, our teachers understand that instruction must always come out of the life and experiences of the student and so they strive to create a total learning environment that builds upon what students are bringing to the classroom with them—from their homes and families, their friends and their work.
The work projects at Fortuna are some of the most challenging and technically demanding in the entire state. Through their work in the CCC, our students have the opportunity to be a part of sustained conservation efforts, such as salmon restoration, trail construction in both state and national parks, green building, invasive species removal, and wilderness fire response. All of these efforts translate directly into both vocational and physical education credits earned in the classroom. In addition to these unique work opportunities, students at the Fortuna center benefit from the following special programs: CalTrans Tree Removal, Pacific Watershed Associates Fisheries Internship, the CCC's Australian Exchange, Backcountry Trails, Culinary Program, Union Apprenticeship program, and Sawyer’s and Forklift certification. We also have a salmon restoration program, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, which is available solely to veterans. Our teachers connect all of these projects and internship opportunities to the classroom through a variety of writings, digital presentations and shared reflections (either with teachers or in small groups) in an effort to provide students with an opportunity to deepen the meaning and value of such real, experiential learning in their own lives.

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California Conservation Corps, Shasta Pacific location
Raquel Ortega
 District Director