Napa CCC

Napa CCC
2100 Napa Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA 94558
Tel: (707) 253-7783
Fax: (707) 253-1421

John Muir Staff


The young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California's environment and responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.


"Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions... and more!"

John Muir Charter School at the Napa/Vallejo CCC offers corpsmembers an educational program that makes a positive impact in the lives of our students, as well as the community.
At the Napa CCC we care about our students. We push to help them grow and to achieve the highest they can in all areas - not just academics, but in life skills, communication and self-esteem. We support them completely on their path to earning their high school diploma.
Students at the Napa CCC perform conversation-based work. This includes, but is not limited to, floods, fires (emergency and prevention), restoration, wetlands, cal-trans, trail maintenance and construction.

Training certifications may include CPR, First Aid, Flood, Chainsaw, Tools, Safety, Conservation awareness, Hazmat/Hazwopper, Career readiness and COMET.

Employment opportunities come in the form of internships, employment with Cal Trans or private companies that specialize in conservation or landscaping. Many graduates of the program return to become C-1's (Supervisors of their own crew) and make a career working for the CCC.


CCC Staff

Larry Notheis
Center Director
Frank Arzaga
Conservation Supervisor
(707) 253-7783