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Conservation Corps North Bay - CCNB

Conservation Corps North Bay
San Rafel
27 Larkspur Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel: (415) 454-4554   
Fax: (415) 454-4595
Conservation Corps North Bay
365 Blodgett Street
Cotati, CA 94931
Phone (707) 303-3069
Fax (707) 795-6947
Conservation Corps North Bay
Youth Connections Santa Rosa
1260 N. Dutton Ave., Ste. 275
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Tel: (707) 578-2034  
John Muir Staff

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John Muir Staff

 Deborah Dow-Gallagher
Teacher-San Rafael
John Shaw 
Teacher-YC Santa Rosa
Beth Karzas
Eileen Nagle
Teacher-YC Santa Rosa
Peter Kostas
Teacher-YC Santa Rosa
Our Mission

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To develop youth and conserve natural resources for a strong, sustainable community.
Our classrooms are small and effective. Students receive individualized education that is specifically designed for them to reach their academic goals. Our teachers create a family-like atmosphere and give students the individual attention they need to thrive. We provide rigorous instruction and align coursework with students’ college and career interests. Our students are given the opportunity to fill-in the gaps in their academic histories while receiving comprehensive instruction in all core subject areas. We give students the opportunity to reconnect with education, discover their passions and interests, and to become life-long learners.
Conservation Corps North Bay provides vocational programs in Natural Resources and Community Recycling. CCNB’s Natural Resources crews build and maintain trails, restore habitats, clear fire breaks, prevent floods, and inspire the next generation of land managers. Through an intensive program that emphasizes safety, quality and professionalism, corpsmembers undergo skills-focused instruction in forestry, carpentry, landscaping, chainsaw use, and power and hand tool operation. CCNB’s Community Recycling Program collects recyclables and provides recycling education and outreach. Corpsmembers receive training to operate forklifts, water filtration systems, and other large equipment in accordance with safety standards. Corpsmembers interact with community members at events and through direct outreach campaigns focused on the proper recycling of e-waste, tires, and used oil. CCNB’s vocational training programs are connected to the classroom through field-based math and science projects and through weekly community meetings where students use professional and career specific language to synthesize the accomplishments of their vocational work.

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CC North Bay Staff

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CC North Bay Staff

 The North Bay Conservation Corps logo shaped like a footprint. A path to a better future.