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Riverside Heritage UCCIE

Riverside Heritage - UCCIE
Eric M. Solander Resource Center
7801 Gramercy Place, Ste. 'B'
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: (951) 588-6573
Fax: (951) 398-4396

John Muir Staff

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John Muir Staff


David Stewart

Cristina Dickason
Site Director

David Stewart
Our Program

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Our academic program is special to our students because it is rigorous, interactive, and outside the box of the norms. Our students engage in hands-on learning as often as possible to learn and explore the world we live in. Our teachers use the latest technology to deliver instruction in a manner that is intriguing and exciting, which captivates our student audience and makes them a part of the learning process. Our staff operates as a team with the student as the main focal point to ensure all that we do is for their best interest. We use a method of teaching that completely involves the student and brings about a desire and thirst for knowledge.
We serve students through two sites in Riverside, CA.
Our vocational education program is extraordinary and allows our students to explore and realize a wide variety of professions while incorporating their own unique talents. Our vocational program includes life skills and job readiness training, which prepares the student for a successful internship. Our internships include senior living facilities, child daycare, retail, customer service and a wide variety of programs offered through our partner, the City of Riverside Parks, Recreation and Community Services. Some of these internships lead to paid jobs but all of them prepare our students to enter the world of work.
2013 Class Photo

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City of Riverside Staff

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Adriana Gonzalez
Project Bridge Outreach Worker/Case Manager
Melvin Walker
Project Bridge Outreach Worker/Case Manager
Ron DelCid
Project Bridge Outreach Worker/Case Manager