Cuesta College Successful Launch WIOA Program

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Grover Beach, CA 93433
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John Muir Staff

William Infanto
Lead Teacher

Cuesta College Successful Launch Staff

Melissa De La Cruz
Vocational Site Coordinator

About Cuesta College Successful Launch

Our Grover Beach located in San Luis Obispo is a non-traditional classrooms that aims to prepare students to enter the workforce and continue on to post-secondary education. We have students from diverse backgrounds and understand that many of our youth are returning back to school after overcoming barriers. Many of our students have often associated learning with failure, ridicule, boredom and frustration. Changing these students' perspective on education can affect their futures in a powerful way. Our program uniquely addresses individual's academic and life needs. Staff use a holistic approach when working with students, helping them design a life plan that will help them beyond their days in the classroom. Students not only earn their high school diploma while enrolled at Muir, they also participate in life skills curriculum. Our small class size allow students and staff to work closely to set and work toward goals, and receive support that might not exist in a larger setting.

The mission of Cuesta College’s Successful Launch program is to increase educational opportunities, assist with the attainment of a high school diploma, explore career interests, leadership opportunities, and provide meaningful vocational opportunities to individuals in San Luis Obispo County between the ages of 16 to 25. Our curriculum aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. While enrolled in the program, students may earn their Food Handler's Safety Card, First Aid and CPR Training, National Retail Federation Certificate, Driver's License and specialized training and support in specific fields of interest. Students have the opportunity to participate in an array of field trips that expose them to local colleges and careers in the local job market. Upon graduation we want students to feel confident and prepared for the next step in their life, and leave with a plan for achieving their goals.