Educational Based Incarceration South WIOA Program - Los Angeles

Educational Based Incarceration WIOA Program
Century Regional Det Facility
441 Bauchet St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mailing Address: 2202 S Figeroa St #652, Los Angeles, CA 90007

John Muir Staff

Robin Fiske
 Denise Conde
Assistant Registrar
Our students learn early on that we have a "no-opt-out" mentality. We prime our students to understand that everyone can bring something to the table. We teach proficiency through practice; to that end, our students grapple with quotes, relate text to other media, themselves, and history. At the same time, our teachers act as mentors, as we impart life skills and college readiness lessons into our curricula. Students would say our classroom is an arena of ideas where we all work together to share our knowledge base, increase our understanding and ensure life-long learning.
The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department offers various vocational programs. We have a module of students that are in a vocational program. They work in the Officer's Dining Room, completing a variety of tasks from serving food to bussing the tables. As such, they have to earn a food handler certificate to substantiate their training. We tailor our instruction to meet the logistical challenges our students might face; so, for example, we might have our students write a how-to essay on making a pastry, or one in which they persuade their readers that cane sugar is a healthier alternative to corn syrup.

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