GEM Academy WIOA

GEM Academy WIOA
520 Lafayette Park Place, Suite #103
Los Angeles, Ca 90057
Tel: (213) 385-5358
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John Muir Staff

Stella Labatte
Lead Teacher

Mauyier Monge Martinez
Program Coordinator
Our mission at GEM Academy is to help our students believe in themselves by realizing their full potential through academics, life skills, volunteer service, and work experience.

In the GEM Academy classroom, students work on a comprehensive graduation plan that incorporates academics with project-based learning. We offer career awareness, training in computer applications, job readiness, financial literacy, and civic engagement. We have on-site counseling services available and our students are engaged in volunteering and internship opportunities.

Our students say that the environment is friendly and comfortable. Teachers reinforce values and the classes are small in size. Students enjoy the direct instruction and the one-on-one attention they receive. They like the hands-on activities and feel that there are always new things to learn. They also like that the teachers celebrate the students' accomplishments.
We have created a vocational training program called the IV League. Our program focuses on volunteering and civic engagement. Students are placed at various non-profit organizations that include parks and museums. Our partners include Department of Parks and Recreation, HOLA, LIFT, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, KHEIR, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Coalition for Economic Survival (CES), Alliance for Children's Rights, and Blind Children's Center.

Students perform a variety of tasks, from clerical and customer service to coaching and mentoring young children. The training benefits the students by giving them experience that they can include on their resumes and job applications. Through their internship or volunteer service, students learn to be involved in the community, meet dress codes, and be a role model.

Class of 2016