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Westside Youth Academy

Westside Youth Academy
School Address
12525 Washington PlaceLos Angeles, CA 90066
Mailing Address
200 Lincoln Blvd., Venice CA 90291

Tel: (310) 399-4100 Ext. 117  
Fax: (310) 399-1130

John Muir Staff

John Muir Staff iconJohn Muir Stafftitle

Feliz Burke
The academic program at Venice YouthBuild fosters leadership and skill-building through hands-on workshops and project-based learning in a supportive and empowering classroom environment. Current students say they most enjoy peer-to-peer feedback, positive staff support, and dynamic classroom instruction that meets their diverse learning styles as they work to earn their high school diploma and/or GED. One of the many benefits of participating in our program is the chance for young people to realize their full potential while experiencing a positive transformation in a safe and nurturing learning community.

Social justice. Empowerment. Positive Transformation. These are the values infused throughout our leadership, high school diploma, and vocational training programs.

  • Individualized High School Instruction at VCH's John Muir Charter School: giving participants another chance to earn their high school diploma
  • Job Skills Classes: teaching students basic job skills and safety practices, with an emphasis on skills valuable to the construction industry
  • Work Experience: allowing participants to gain valuable work experience on real construction sites while building or rehabilitating affordable housing
  • Leadership Development and Community Service projects: helping participants take pride in themselves and their communities
  • Career Guidance: helping participants gain careers and higher education through career counseling, job-readiness training, and job placement
Venice YouthBuild Staff

Venice YouthBuild Staff iconVenice YouthBuild Stafftitle

Becky Dennison
VCHC Executive Director 
Rick Solis Jr.
Program Director
Guillermo Buenrostro
YouthBuild Construction Trainer
 Jonah Katende
YouthBuild Case Manager
 Marisol Perez
YouthBuild Administrative Coordinator
 Kevin Michini
YouthBuild Transitions Coordinator