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Rancho Cielo Construction and Culinary Academies

  710 Old Stage Road Salinas, CA 93912

Phone: (831) 444-3533

Fax: (831) 444-3550

Who we are

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Our vision is to partner with our community to provide a safe campus to deliver programs and services that inspire at risk youth to learn new skills, gain self-esteem and confidence.
John Muir Charter School at Rancho Cielo is a two-part program composed of culinary arts and construction academy programs. Both programs include rigorous academic classrooms aimed at helping students recover credits necessary for a high school diploma while also providing hands-on training preparing students for a trade. Students remark that they enjoy the safe, relaxed atmosphere of our beautiful 100 acre campus and the disciplined focus of the classrooms. Students graduate with a thorough knowledge of technology skills and a career pathway emphasis.
John Muir Charter School has partnered with the Rancho Cielo Youth Campus to operate the Drummond Culinary Academy and the Construction Academy. A professional chef and his staff train the culinary students in skills leading to an official culinary certificate. The culinary program works with local chefs and restaurants to expose the students to key aspects of the culinary field. The construction class coordinates with the culinary class in an organic gardening program where kitchen waste is composted for use in the garden which in turn produces vegetables for the kitchen. The Construction Academy also partners with "The Solar Off-Set Project", a solar project that teaches students various skills in the photo voltaic industry. Both classes use industry specific materials in class activities and lessons.
John Muir Charter School Staff

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John Muir Charter School Staff

Gary Vincent 

Carla Loomis
Lead Teacher

Michael Dremel

Ren Proschan

Alexis Zevallos
Instructional Assistant 
Kathy Richard 
Instrucional Assistant 

Janell Paulino

Michelle Deering
Rancho Cielo Staff

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Mark Bruszer
Program Director