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JMCS Staff

Joanna Ho Bradshaw
Lead Teacher
Lawrence Ruiz
 Darrell Kinney
Our mission is to dismantle the cycle of poverty and imprisonment by creating an alternative approach to prison—one focused entirely on building lives and bettering communities. Reset campuses serve as a model for the justice system, demonstrating that a new mindset and approach can increase public safety, reduce costs, and improve lives. By creating an experience centered on learning, education, and re-entry, we empower sentenced individuals to reset their life trajectories—to envision and achieve futures of meaning, opportunity, and purpose. We put parents back in their homes to raise healthy, educated children. We improve the vitality and safety of communities. We give a chance to future generations.
Reset believes that students need to learn about work through foundational career awareness and exposure instruction, through work and applied learning in actual career contexts, and through direct training for entry into specific career pathways. We do this in three ways: our campus maintains workplace expectations, employs students with on-campus jobs, exposes students to career partners, and matches students with professional mentors; our career curriculum emphasizes applied learning and direct training in relevant career pathways through apprenticeships and job placement; and our students develop readiness for specific career pathways in order to gain specific employable skills and the ability to progress along any career route. Concentrations provide skill-training and experiences focused on a particular industry category. Concentrations are narrow enough to include employable skills, while broad enough to be applicable to a number of careers within a category. Students can take classes across concentrations or focus deeply in one.

Reset Staff

Joanna Bradshaw
Director of Education