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VOALA Youthbuild

VOALA Youthbuild
321 N. State College Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806
(323) 522-4340

Encourage positive development. Promote self-sufficiency. Foster independence.

Volunteers of America is a non-profit human services organization committed to serving people in need, strengthening families, and building communities.

Volunteers of America was founded in 1896 on a core belief in the potential of every person no matter the circumstance. Since then, we have been transforming the lives of America’s most vulnerable, including children and families from under–served communities, at–risk youth, Veterans, individuals and families struggling with homelessness, men and women returning from prison, and people challenged with addictions and substance use.

We help all people realize their full potential through relevant programs and services that have an impact that is deep, resulting in a change in the way they see themselves and the world; broad, extending beyond individuals to their families and communities; and long-lasting, outlasting the time spent with us. Our programs receive continual improvements resulting from ongoing evaluations.

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VOALA Hollywood

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VOALA Anaheim